Tranquility & Invisibility

The most original spa in the Gulf is located within La Fontaine, and acts as a distinctive and extraordinary oasis hidden away from the deafening anxiety and stress of everyday life. The spa provides an atmosphere that can be enjoyed individually or with friends, and can be a haven for the stressed and over-worked as once a person enters the entire world just fades away into the background.

The Main Spa, including the pool area, is reserved exclusively for ladies. Couples are invited to one of the Spa’s segregated towers with its own entrance.


Unique Rooms

The whole concept of this wonderfully designed spa is serenity. Serenity is captured in total harmony: the shapes, materials, colors, and aromas all express a new dimension of tranquility and invisibility of the soul.

At La Fontaine Spa, the primary focus is on regaining and maintaining balance – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The spa is open 6 days a week (except Mondays) from: 9 AM - 6 PM last appointment

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Our hairdresser Tanja is available by reservation only every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The hair salon has exclusivity to Herb UK, who have been manufacturing high performance hair products, which maximise the use of gentle, nourishing, natural ingredients, whilst minimising the necessity for harsh or damaging chemical additives.

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