flamenco flamenco

    Directed by legendary Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura, Flamenco Flamenco is an evolutionary musical journey through the light, song and dance of a dynamic and alive art form.
    Beautifully photographed by famed Academy Award winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro and showcasing a powerful new Flamenco through dazzling musical and dance performances by emerging talent and the greatest living Flamenco masters, this unique musical odyssey reaches beyond the borders of Flamenco and Spanish culture toward a universal artistic expression.

    8 PM, Tuesday 17th October
    Restaurant starts serving from 6 PM
    10 BD+ (Film ticket’s value can be used as credit at the restaurant on the same evening)


      art exhibition by Simeen Farhat

      Like birds, my sculptures, too, move in space or perch somewhere. Eloquent words in many languages, by Eastern and Western poets, writers and philosophers, or my own written inspirations.
      My beloved late father, who was quite well versed in Urdu, Farsi and English, and with a fanatic love for Ghalib’s poetry, played a tremendous role in the shaping of my current body of work. Awaiting his migration to the next world during the final years of his life, he would often communicate with his family and friends using verses of poetry from various poets about philosophical questions.
      Join us for the opening at 6 PM, followed by dinner and a jazz performance with the accomplished Franky the Saxophonist, Ronald on Keyboard and Jason on guitar. Simeen and La Fontaine will be donating 20% of the art sales towards the Think Foundation |

      8 PM, Thursday 19th October
      20 BD+ set menu


        urban retreat with Ditta & Trine

        The principle of Yin & Yang builds the foundation for balance in the universe, nature, life and the human being. The better we find the alignment and balance in between these two energies the more effective and healthy we will be.
        Join us for an Urban Retreat in a beautiful setting to cultivate balance, harmony and freedom in our body and mind, experiencing the teachings of two yoga teachers with their unique and complementary styles, while exploring the interplay between Yin & Yang and how it applies to daily life.
        Yoga has been part of Ditta Sari’s life since very young age, connecting with the spirits and nature was her day-to-day childhood.
        She has a keen interest in both the anatomical and the energetic structures of our bodies, and draws knowledge from both Western and Eastern perspectives of wellbeing.

        Friday 20th October, 10 AM - 5 PM (55 BD with vegetarian lunch - ladies only)
        Half-day 10 AM - 1 PM / or / 2 PM - 5 PM
        10% discount for paid bookings by 10 October

          MOVIE NIGHT


          As Saudi Arabia marches towards modernity it is quickly losing one of the oldest and most vibrant parts of its history and culture. Globalization has slowly exerted its pull on the 100-year-old country and the tribal communities in the Southwest have paid the price, with many towns becoming almost devoid of anyone not in their late 80’s.
          This documentary looks at what could happen in the next 20 years from the point of view of people trying to conserve their own culture in Asir. Michael Bou-Nacklie is filmmaker and photographer who works between San Francisco and Bahrain producing work, under his company Fancy Hat Multimedia, for clients including The World Bank, ARAMCO, The Guardian, The AIDS Healthcare foundation, and many more.

          Michael will be with us to introduce his award-winning documentary at:
          7PM, Tuesday 7th November
          Restaurant starts serving from 6 PM Price BD10+ (film ticket’s value can be used as credit at the restaurant on the same evening)

            OPERA NIGHT

            kutkowska-kass & granat

            Anna Kutkowska-Kass’s repertoire features mostly of arias and songs written for soprano with coloratura. Her debut took place at Warsaw’s Great Theatre – National Opera, going on to perform in cameral and symphonic concerts in Paris and across Europe, including the European Opera Festival and the National Opera.

            Tamara Granat is the founder and leader of Duo Granat and is a regular mainstay at the National Philharmonic in Poland. Over the course of her career Tamara has recorded numerous albums, and has performed across the globe – from the United States, Europe, and Middle East.

            Concert only 20 BD+
            Concert & dinner 30 BD+
            7 PM, Friday 10th November

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