a quest for meaning

    On the occasion of the visit of the President of the French Syndicates of Professional Naturopaths, Cosimo Diciola and Dr. Dejana Subsol, founders of AIMA (Acadmie International de Medecine Alternative), La Fontaine will screen the movie A Quest for Meaning, finding one’s place in the universe & shifting paradigms

    We are all prisoners of a logic which has proven destructive for mankind and planet Earth. To break the deadlock, Marc and Nathanaël tried to question the fundamental beliefs of modern society: separation, competition, individualism.
    This adventure will cast doubt on all their fundamental principles and beliefs as well as ours. This is a paradigm shifting film, full of wisdom, laughter & hope to make this world a better place.

    6:30 PM: Gathering
    6:45 PM: What is Naturopathy, Alternative Medicine & Introducing AIMA
    7:30 PM: Questions
    8:00 PM: Movie & Dinner, 10 BD+
    Tuesday, 30th January
    Film ticket’s value can be used as credit at the restaurant on the same evening


      special offer

      La Fontaine Spa is located within La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art, a historical monument in the heart of Manama that also houses art galleries, an international restaurant, conference facilities, and a Pilates & Yoga studio.
      We welcome you to our spa with a special offer to celebrate the arrival of our Biodroga Skin Care Products. Biodroga is a German brand of innovative and holistic skincare, with a range of products for the repair, vitalization, age protection and oxygenation of the skin.

      Come in a group of six for the price of five, one body treatment of your choice from the spa menu.
      175 BD with 50 BD restaurant voucher to be used in the restaurant or spa terrace.


        art exhibition by Simeen Farhat

        Like birds, my sculptures, too, move in space or perch somewhere. Eloquent words in many languages, by Eastern and Western poets, writers and philosophers, or my own written inspirations.
        My beloved late father, who was quite well versed in Urdu, Farsi and English, and with a fanatic love for Ghalib’s poetry, played a tremendous role in the shaping of my current body of work. Awaiting his migration to the next world during the final years of his life, he would often communicate with his family and friends using verses of poetry from various poets about philosophical questions.

        Simeen and La Fontaine will be donating 20% of the art sales towards the Think Foundation |